Post Oak

Our only fuel is oak and devotion. We source our wood from central Texas and personally pick it up to make sure we are getting the best.

Steady Heat

No gas. No ovens. We make sure that precise placement, optimal temperature, and proper airflow come together perfectly.

Prime Beef

We only use prime beef for our brisket. We cook our meat low and slow, for no less than 12 hours.


The Funk Family

Richard and Suzanne Funk started Desert Oak Barbecue the summer of 2015. What started off as a hobby and a small idea has turned into a full-time commitment and dream come true. Through it all, their family has been a source of patience, love and support. The Funks are now doing what they love – dedicating their time to cooking barbecue and sharing it with the people of West Texas.

The pit master himself is a true fanatic and won't sell a bad piece of meat, ever! It's all about the total dedication, can I get an amen?

Croco S.

HOLY SMOKES, the last time I had Barbecue this good in El Paso, I brought it from Austin! Desert Oak Barbecue is the new El Paso BBQ Champion.

Albert K.

These guys by far have the best bbq in El Paso, hands down!

Laura D.

Best local BBQ joint in town. Been here a handful of times and they're always consistent.

Eric P.

It was a juicy, peppery slab of beef from the Aaron Franklin school of barbecue...Slices from both the lean and fatty side are exemplary.